Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker

Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker


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The Wilfa Classic+ takes filter coffee brewing into stylish new realms. Simply add the desired amount of fresh ground coffee, water, press the button and wait. The brewer will heat the water and distribute this over the coffee, which proceeds to drip into the server below. In less than five minutes, you will have one to ten cups of coffee ready to enjoy.

In addition to the Wilfa Classic+ simplistic design, there are a number of smart features including a cleaning indicator, automatic switch-off and manual drip stopper that prevents spills on the hotplate.

The Classic + achieves optimal water temperature (92-96 °C) quickly and is approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre.


1 litre tank

Weight: 2.88 kg

1500 watts of power

Detachable filter element

Manual drip tray

Flow control with adjustable extraction time

Automatic cleaning reminder

Automatic turn off after 40 minutes

Hot plate with self- resistor

Approved by European Brewing Centre

EU two pin plug (adaptor provided)

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