Brazil – Fazenda Bela Época

Brazil – Fazenda Bela Época

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Origin: Brazil

Region: Alta Mogiana

Farm: Fazenda Bela Época

Variety: Yellow Obatã

Altitude: 900+ masl

Process: Natural

In the cup “ Peanut, Brown Sugar & Apple”

Coffee has been cultivated at Fazenda Bela Época for more than 80 years, running through three generations of producers who are passionate about coffee. With fertile soil, lightly undulating land and a well-defined microclimate that is highly amenable to growing coffee, the farm stands apart in the production of high quality coffees. Perhaps even more impressive is that the farm’s production is organic – a rare thing in the Brazilian coffee landscape.

The majority of the coffee processed at Bela Época utilizes the Natural Method, as is this 100% Yellow Obatã lot. Harvested coffee is delivered to the farms extensive patios on the same day as being picked. Drying takes between 15 to 20 days, and coffee is turned 8 to 10 times a day during the course of this time.

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