Colombia - Finca El Nivel

Colombia - Finca El Nivel

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Origin: Colombia

Farm: Finca El Nivel

Region: Risaralda

Variety: 100% Castillo

Altitude: 1680 - 1750 masl

Process: Washed

In the cup; "Plum, Chocolate & Coconut"

Pierre Dumont (cofounder of Flor de Apía SAS) who had recently acquired (Finca Barcelona), decided to buy El Nivel in 2013. From that moment, he and his business partner, Mario Alexander, began the work of renovating and recovering unproductive and deteriorated coffee lots on the farm, and they began the implementation of a management plan for the maintenance and administration of all the producing lots on the farm.

Today, in addition to processing and exporting their own coffees, Flor de Apía buys cherry and wet coffee from 28 farmers in the municipality. The mill has 8 large capacity fermentation tanks, so they are able to keep individual lots separate, particularly where quality looks to be high. Their farmer-partners also grow a wide selection of varieties, from Maragogype and Castillo all the way to Geisha, Bourbon and Caturra. Flor de Apía makes every effort to encourage farmers to separate their lots by variety and promote rescuing the older varieties (such as Typica and Bourbon) to improve the quality of the region’s coffee.

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